Robotic Lawn Mower Storage with PVC roof - UV protected | Lawnmower shed

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Lawnmower shed | Robotic Lawn Mower Storage with PVC roof - UV protected

Height- 40cm. Length- 70 cm. Width- 70 cm

COMPATIBLE: Perfectly suitable for all popular robotic mower models. The robotic mower roof offers protection for robots from Gardena, Husqvarna Automower, Robomow, Bosch and many other top brands in the gardening world.

  • GARDENA Robot Mower SILENO minimo

  • Bosch robotic lawnmower Indego S+

  • Bosch Indego XS

  • Einhell Robot Mower FREELEXO 500 BT Power X-Change

  • YARD FORCE Robot Mower X80i

  • WORX Landroid L WR153E

  • WORX Landroid M WR142E

  • LANDXCAPE Mowrobot LX790i 

High quality and durable robotic mower garage with PVC roof

Robotic mowers are now essential gardening tools for many amateur gardeners. They keep the lawn short and ensure that time-consuming mowing with a conventional lawn mower is a thing of the past.

With our robotic Lawn Mower Storage with UV-protected PVC roof, you can ensure that your practical helper has a suitable shelter that reliably protects it from the weather and thus avoids unnecessary damage.

The most important advantages of the robotic Lawn Mower Storage with PVC roof at a glance:

  • The robotic Lawn Mower Storage prevents the battery of the robotic lawnmower from overheating due to strong sunlight.
  • The shelter ensures that your robotic lawnmower is protected from hail or heavy rain.
  • The garage helps prevent the charging station from getting wet and avoids short circuits.
  • The shelter makes an important contribution to the longest possible service life of your expensive robotic lawnmower.
  • Three stable side walls and weather-resistant materials protect your garden helper particularly reliably.
  • The green colour ensures an inconspicuous look, so that the shelter fits into your garden without any problems.

Lawn Mower Storages protect your investment

Robot mowers are extremely practical and save valuable time when gardening. At the same time, however, the devices are also quite expensive. Prices of well over 500 euros are not uncommon for high-quality models. Accordingly, you are sure to attach great importance to ensuring that your lawn robot is not damaged and that it functions as intended for as long as possible.

Our robust lawn robot garage with UV-protected PVC roof is an excellent choice for this purpose. The shelter is 70 centimeters long, 60 centimeters wide and 40 centimeters high. Its green colour and unobtrusive design ensure that it will blend harmoniously into virtually any garden.

The robotic lawn garage is weatherproof and robust

In order to fulfil its protective function reliably and for as long as possible, a robotic Lawn Mower Storage must of course be made of weather-resistant and robust materials. This is of course the case with our shelter with PVC roof.

The stable construction scores with a high resistance and shows itself unimpressed by weather influences such as heavy rain or heat. You can therefore be sure that you are choosing a durable model as a garage for your robotic lawnmower.

Optimal protection thanks to three side walls

Robot lawn garages are available in various designs. Some of them are simply a carport with a back wall and a roof. It is easier for robotic lawnmowers to drive into such a shelter. However, since there are no side walls, complete protection cannot be ensured.

Our robotic Lawn Mower Storage with PVC roof is therefore equipped with three side walls and is only open at the front to allow your robotic lawnmower to enter and exit.

Order robotic Lawn Mower Storage with PVC roof online

Order the robotic Lawn Mower Storage with PVC roof conveniently from our shop and ensure that your garden helper is perfectly protected from heat and storms in the future. With our shelter, you are choosing a durable model that leaves nothing to be desired in terms of quality.

Weight- 7Kg

SIZE: 70 x 70 x 40 cm

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Manufacturing country Germany
Content 1 piece
Weight 6300 g
Dimensions 700×400×40mm